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Thread: New Idea Building Materials Factory

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    New Idea Building Materials Factory

    I have an idea that at a certain level you can purchase a factory that makes building materials for community buildings or zoo materials.
    Also can be used to make event materials etc, what do you think is this possible? A Construction Factory

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    I feel once you reached level 15 the Construction Factory should be introduced for production of building supplies, etc. This is a great idea and making us have a certain waiting period for certain materials to be produced.

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    I agree with you we need like a production Barn, factory, community building, like a TS Depot.

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    I completely agree with this! It takes way too long, even with 3 trains, to get all the building materials we need for all the factories and community buildings. The only way to keep up, of course, is to spend a tremendous amount of money on buying them. Of course, that's what they want you to do!

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    Great I hope they consider it, I am sure they can do it & find away to make money out of it. There is always a way. Fingers crossed

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    A Construction Factory is a very cleaver idea. I love the idea!

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    What a horrible idea. If players are allowed to build construction materials, the desperate and impatient ones will no longer be required to pay for them using T-cash. How will Township earn money like that??

    (the above was sarcastic, btw)

    This is honestly quite a clever idea however I'm not too hopeful about it. I'm not a very high-level player myself, but I'm already starting to feel the wait for materials to arrive via trains (even with 50% time reduction), since buildings are starting to require more and more materials (rightly so).

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    I agree with this idea, I have 8 community buildings waiting to be completed.
    I seem to only have enough materials once a week to complete a building so this is slowing me down with building houses and factories.

    A factory to produce slabs etc would be so beneficial

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    Thanks for all your great comments I really hope they will consider it maybe the tool exchange is a step in that way forward . Sing thanks making me laugh great comment

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    We need something it takes forever to get things to expand

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