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    The Underwater Adventure Decor

    Hey everyone!

    Missing the scent of adventures? These decorations will turn your town into a brave explorer's home! ๐ŸŒ…

    Which one of them would you install first?

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    ANYONE of them!!!! They are all awsome

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    that SHIP

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    The boat definitely . Probably the submarine, & I can see myself acquiring even more of the happy splashes decs

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    Honestly not my fav... but Iโ€™ll probably at least get the ones from the events. Iโ€™ve already got all the older ones that I want so oh well.
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    Well having won the decs I found a home for them. I wasn't fussed about the inflatable jellyfish, but now I have it I quite like it. I wanted the boat but had to change where I put it as it takes up 4 squares. For anyone who doesn't have them I included a pic of it in edit mode to show this

    IMG_20190228_000857.jpg IMG_20190228_000927.jpg

    ETA Pics of it rotated

    IMG_20190228_002309.jpg IMG_20190228_002256.jpg
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    Has anyone bought the sale decoration? I'm tempted but I'd like to see it first.
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    Sale decoration?

    ETA: AWWW! Just seen it on sons account. I don't have it :'(
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    Quote Originally Posted by Downton View Post
    Well having won the decs I found a home for them. I wasn't fussed about the inflatable jellyfish, but now I have it I quite like it. I wanted the boat but had to change where I put it as it takes up 4 squares...
    Looking great, Downton!
    Just changed my 'old' harbor back for creativity reasons.
    Not that far in the event to have achieved the ship, but this is my idea where to put it.

    Just waiting for the fishing event with all the coral reef in the Ocean and extra coral bought from Decorations for the finish touch.

    Still too bad we can't get expansions IN the Ocean to create a real Deep see scene, but for 'understandable' reasons that will never happen.
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    Ooh I love the way it's going to look Ruud. It will look like it's right in the ocean (as much as the game allows). Yes great idea putting the diving boat with it & adding coral.

    I'm going to have to have a rearrange in my town, I want it up in the ocean as well rather than by my waterfall which only really has a small river lay out.

    It threw me when I won the boat and saw it took 4 squares & was on an angle, so thanks for sharing your ideas I needed them, lol
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