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Thread: Fast Shipping Booster disappeared

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    Question Fast Shipping Booster disappeared

    Today my fast shipping booster ran out, so I went to get another one but the placard is completely gone.
    Nowhere to be found.

    The other ship booster is still there. The one that says ingots are twice as efficient when sending off ships.

    Question: do these boosters disappear after they’re used a certain number of times? (Twice?)

    I haven’t come across any info that says they get deleted after use.

    Please advise?
    Any chance this booster can be returned?


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    If you're referring to the Smart Navigation booster, which cuts the ship's return time in half, that is a booster that cannot be purchased with gems, like all the other purple boosters. It can only be won in events, as rewards in regatta, or bought with tokens in the Yacht Club when it's offered.

    You can use it as many times as you won this booster. If you had two, when the last one expired, it disappears from the list and returns only when you win another one.
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    Thank You!

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    I have been wondering about this myself! Thanks for the help!

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