I think I made a big mistake! I'm in the "Fair" aquarium. I decided this would be a good fish tank to use up some of my vouchers. All 9 of my fish are "Unique Fish." I made it a "Country Fair" theme with the farmer fish, the sheriff fish, the pilot fish for for the biplane air show, the cow and bull fish for the best in breed contest, the chief fish for the food stand, and a couple of "Let's have fun at the fair" fish. I added a lot of other decorations along with all those specifically offered for this aquarium. My aquarium is now totally full and I still have another 68,000 + beauty points to use to complete the tank. Although the "Unique Fish" fit in nicely, they aren't worth many beauty points. I guess I should have used fish that are worth more. My aquarium wouldn't be so overcrowded. The "Unique Fish" cost a lot of vouchers to buy. Too bad they don't have any "Beauty Point" value.