I wish to present an idea which would add a new dimension to your game as well as eliminate the problems associated with holding on to copious customized historical data. You people are there I quick to provide token amounts of coins to make up for the loss of hundreds of thousands of coins worth of decorations. The token amount of coins you provide in no way begins to compensate for the amount of coins and actual cash money that is represented by the attainment of those decorations and stars. Understandably you are in the business to make money and cannot afford to be overly generous save feeling it on the bottom line. However players facing these issues do become frustrated and some quit playing altogether. I myself have quit from time to time for several months at a time. My desire here is to provide you with the means to fix the glitch once and for all so that we no longer have to deal with this and help free up space and processing to allow you to streamline gameplay and enhance the playing experience.
I lost a large number of Valentine's decorations in both tanks that I was working on but clearly the 2nd tank which opened prematurely lost more then the one which was actually supposed to be open. I purchased 1 of each type of Valentine's decorations and fish for each and then purchased duplicates of my favorites. I n the aquarium scheduled to be open I lost about 30% of the Valentine's decorations and fish but in the aquarium which opened prematurely I lost Everything including decorations unique to that tank. I have a suggestion which I really believe will help your company with this problem and allowed for your developers Do you spend their time doing more profitable things. Old data represented by the historical aquariums is cumber son and a centrally useless. It means something to us who have spent the time and earned it so to simply eliminate it could cause problems. However, if you allowed us to trade in each set of for aquariums for example to purchase first a tank then inhabitants and decorations that served as a LANDMARK for game progress and accomplishment.
The first four could purchase the blank aquarium and one set fish which would be the same for all players reaching that level save for Allowing the player to customize their names. The next set of four tank could be traded for a basic background, then layers could be added at certain points. Additional creatures could also be added at certain points...special creatures not available in the regular aquariums like turtles, stingrays, dolphins....whatever. I have a lot of ideas but the key point is the one aquarium replaces multiple customized aquariums and the copious data it represents. Because it is one permanent aquarium that is essentially universal save the name customization, not only does this eliminate all the extra data, it eliminates the problems created by trying to keep all that data. It frees up space on your servers and speeds up processing enhancing the gaming experience rather than creating frustration from glitches. As compensation for my ideas, I request royalties of 100 stars per week which costs you nothing.
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Nina Immers