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Thread: 20.02 Test: What Townshipper are you?

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    20.02 Test: What Townshipper are you?

    Howdy, guys! 😍

    Ever wondered which Township character is the most like you? Take the test we've prepared for you to find out ⭐🌹

    Pick the table that suits you the most and then find its number in the description below.

    GRAND CONSTRUCTOR: Your town residents often brag about how lucky they are to have such a cool mayor. You always remember to develop agriculture, construct all the necessary buildings, keep an eye on industrial growth, and, of course, make sure your town is cozy and welcoming.
    Your strengths: You’re an excellent multitasker and have an eye for detail. That’s a win-win for your friends, neighbors and Co-op members, because they know how helpful you are and that they can always count on you.
    Your Soulmate: Ernie.

    ZOO ENTHUSIAST: There’s no sound dearer to you than a tiger cub’s purring, and you wake to the sound of your pelican call ringtone. You spend your day taking care of your Zoo inhabitants, completing orders and getting as many animal cards as you can. You aim to complete all animal families as soon as possible to be able to decorate their homes and wow Zoo visitors.
    Your strengths: You’re a kind soul, and your Co-op members and friends love you for your unique ability to resolve conflicts peacefully plus your passion for giving everything your all.
    Your Soulmate: Sarah the Zookeeper.

    EVENT PLANNER: You vote for diversity and trying new things! You see each event in the game as a new adventure that you're happy to join. You’re not afraid of challenges and you work hard to beat your competitors.
    Your strengths: You’re always improving and developing your skills, learning from your mistakes and gaining new experience. You’re great at time management and easily cope with any issues you come across. Your path to success is truly inspiring to everyone around you.
    Your Soulmate: Lady Luck.

    REGATTA PERSON: You’re the ultimate adventure seeker! You can’t wait for a new Regatta Season to kick off to be able to nail the winning strategy once again. You really give your all at every competition. No doubt that devotion helps your team achieve great results and earn well-deserved rewards!
    Your Strengths: You masterfully deal with any obstacles in your way and keep your Co-op members’ spirits high during the Regatta Season.
    Your Soulmate: Yachtsman.

    We can't wait to hear your results! 👇🤠
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    I'm mostly number 1

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    Yes, the Grand Constructor is most like me. Or I’m most like it. But why can’t my soulmate be the Blond Surfer Girl?

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    Ich bin sicher Nr 3

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    I’m a mix of 1 and 4

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    I'm a mix of 1 and 3

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    soy número tres(3)

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    I'm all of them, so what will be my caracter then????

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    A mix of #1 & #2

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    Yep, I'm definitely the yachtsman ☺

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