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Thread: Waiting for New Levels

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    Waiting for New Levels

    I am really sad that I may have to give this game up for a while. I reached the highest level about a month ago. Between new levels coming out I was playing the treasure chests some, but really liked the dog training. Now it’s gone and it’s becoming pointless to keep playing the treasure chests with little rewards and no advancement.

    Also, while playing the new levels, I’ve spent plenty of coins to maintain the extra boosters and turns you get, only to have them taken away once you complete the last level. I think they should let you keep those until that event is over. It just seems really unfair to take them away early.

    Playrix, please add more incentives for those of us who have maxed out the levels. I e spent more money than I should have on this game and really hate to leave it.

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    I might only say:

    Welcome at endgame 😊

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    I quit playing the chests also, unless I’m in the middle of a tournament. I don’t even START a tournament, however if I only have chests to play. A demotion in a league is guaranteed if I start. I’d rather hold tight, check in every day to spin the wheel and watch the 2-3 videos offered to me while waiting for Thursday morning (the new levels).

    It’s a shame that the chest levels are so difficult with minimum rewards.

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    I’ve hit level 3,831 and it says “stay tuned a new chapter is coming soon. In the meantime beat levels to open chest and join the electric show.”

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    So I just finished level 3865 (waiting for 3866) and I've run out of levels, and need to wait for the next group to appear. I like the lightning show, I like the apples show, but I hate the fireworks show, because it's very hard to explode so many things. I almost always go down a level with the fireworks, and if I have to play a bunch this time just to try to stay on the top Ruby level, that's going to be quite costly with all of the powerups I'll need to expend, or extra moves to purchase just to go thru the treasure chests and keys. I guess I'll need to follow the lead described above and not join any game unless I have levels to play.

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    So -- the new levels appeared around midnight early Thursday morning, and now I'm stuck waiting at 3901, after having completed 3900. So, doing the math they added 35 new levels this time. And I guess I have to wait until Thursday to get another batch. (At least these levels ended waiting for a New Day.)

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    For me there are no new levels. there are just the same levels played several times. i remember some levels playing now for the third of fourth time. I am at 3901 and there are no new challenges. This is becomes some kind of worthless and boring.

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    I was playing 3901. Then suddenly, the chests showed up. I thought after finishing those that I would be able to continue. I am glad that I came to the forum and found out what happened. Like many of y'all, I have spent way too much money on this game, so I'm considering it a blessing to have to slow down.
    I now know to check it on Thursday for new levels. That will cut my spending down for sure.

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    So on Thursday sometime, another 35 levels appeared, and by end of day Saturday I got thru 3935 (next level 3936) and am now waiting until Thursday to get more levels. Had to play the treasure chests to at least stay in the same league on the apples thingie.

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    got another 35 levels on Thursday, and finally finished them sometime yesterday, so now at 3971 having finished 3970. Had to waste play time in the chests/keys to make sure I got up there in the apples game to go back to the top league. And I guess I skip playing again until Thursday, so I don't drop a league. (Next Thursday should take us to level 4005, wonder what they'll do for a level 4000 sendoff?)

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