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Thread: Zoo orders - show if i can fill orders like you do for airplane and trains

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    Zoo orders - show if i can fill orders like you do for airplane and trains

    I would like there to be a number or symbol shown for zoo orders, like there is for train and airplane orders, that shows whether or not I can fill the order before clicking on it.

    Either show a number or a green color or symbol to represent that I have the items they need before I click on the zoo symbol to go further.


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    Yes, other than that, that's in my town right?

    When I click on the person to help their zoo, it shows the location, the pawprint in the bottom corner with a red exclamation point, and the person walking with the handshake signal over them showing that they have an order...if something like a small number, or symbol or color could be indicated in the pawprint symbol or the handshake symbol to show that we can help them without having to click on the symbol to see what they want.

    You know how we go to their train station or airport and there is a number that shows if we have what they need. So it's about 3 clicks to see if you can help them in the zoo as opposed to one click that can show you at the train station or airport.

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