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Thread: change the octopus graphic to show unlimited lives

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    change the octopus graphic to show unlimited lives

    Hi Valeriia please pass on to the developers that when the octopus graphic displays asking us if we want to try a level again,

    and at that time we have unlimited lives,

    then the graphic needs to show the infinity symbol and not a minus one (-1).

    Showing the -1 when we have unlimited lives is incorrect and one way you appear to try to purposefully annoy your players.

    I know Playrix has this capability, the Fishdom team can get it from the Gardenscapes team; the Gardenscapes game correctly reflects the status.

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    Hi Valeriia I hav new info about this. I am still working on the grotto levels with Herman today. Guess what when in the grotto our lives display in the upper left corner all the time. And guess what-- right now I hav unlimited lives and it displays correctly as an infinity symbol! Isn't that something!

    So maybe it isn't the devs that are keeping the octopus graphic incorrect. I mean I have brought this up before in the forum and I have submitted it through the game.

    Things that make you go hummmmm.

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    I just noticed this, too, in the Grotto! I thought to myself why don’t they do this on the regular levels?

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    Hello guys! If you come across such issues or inconveniences please don't hesitate to contact us right from the game settings Usually, we'll need certain technical info from your game account to look into the problem and fix it Thanks!

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    Valeriia hi.

    Not a technical issue the status is reflected incorrectly on purpose in the game. This has been reported multiple times.

    Playing regular levels and if you lose a level and want to try again the graphic shows it will cost -1 lives to try again, regardless whether you hav unlimited lives or not.

    I hav brought this up in this forum before.

    I hav submitted this through the game previously.

    I resubmitted it through the game a second time on 5 Feb 2019 and Viv indicated she received the suggestion.

    Please Valeriia to make your life and our lives easier can you just tell us if this incorrect status will be changed, or will it remain to simply confuse / annoy players?

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