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Thread: when will we get the old game pieces back?

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    when will we get the old game pieces back?

    Hi Valeriia I checked the facebook survey and it looks like a majority of players want the old game pieces back from before the Valentine's Day update.

    Suggestion: please let us know when we will get the old game pieces back thank you.

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    Hi Valeriia here is an update-- new levels today and the levels hav the same fuzzy hard to focus on new pieces.

    So will we get the old pieces back with the next update? When will that be? Will you send us all coupons for asprin for our headaches we get from squinting to try to focus?

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    Hi again dandelion! I'm sincerely sorry to hear that our new design causes such problems Rest assured, our devs are working on the new graphics improvements to make it more convenient for everyone. Thanks for your patience!

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