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Thread: Restrict option not available

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    Restrict option not available

    Is there a certain level in the regatta you have to get to for the Restrict to work?
    Baby co-op got promoted to Copper last week and we need to restrict some that just stopped playing. Really did not want to kick because who knows what may have happened. But also didn't want to race handicapped.


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    Now that the interseasonal week is done, the Restrict function is working / available again.

    Couple of things. First, it doesn't matter what league you're in to use Restrict.

    You cannot restrict someone who is already marked as "not racing", that is, you *can* restrict them if they are showing the "wheel icon" in the co-op building.

    You must be the leader or co-leader to restrict someone but you cannot restrict the leader.

    Check if any of those apply to what you're trying to do.

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    That makes a huge amount of sense now. So if they have racing off you can't restrict them. Which they have basically restricted themselves anyway
    Thanks Cdosr

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