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My question is did hoppers really think this was going to be allowed forever?

Yes we all know Anna said hopping wasn't against the rules or cheating, but I believe it was obvious from the start that Playrix wouldn't be too happy about this new way for players to exploit a loophole and get extra rewards without paying for them.

Thing is maybe if hoppers had kept a little quieter about it all and not spent so much time on here and even more on FB bragging about all their free stuff and encouraging other people to hop it may have been allowed to continue a little longer. But seriously did hoppers really think they could continually talk about the many benefits of hopping without forcing Playrix's hand on this?
I see no mileage in talking about where to lay blame at all, especially when you say the outcome was obvious to you from the start anyway. I don't personally believe the limited discussion here has anything to do with anything. Elsewhere.. who can say? Not us players, that's for sure. There's more potentially productive conversations to be had on this subject, anyway.