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Thread: Tips to play without real money?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen Pointer View Post
    This tip is a load of [nope] The videos do not disappear. If that were the case I would never see a video for 2 years. I get them daily and I buy tcash
    Please note that some of us have NEVER had a video and I’ve been playing for over three years! I have to buy my t cash or get it from mining, helicopters (selling jewellery) or rewards from sea chests. You may find your video helicopters may disappear permanently one day......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stella Eaton View Post
    ...and I’ve been playing for over three years! ...
    well, the thread is not THAT old but the post you're replying to is almost a year old, had several such replies already, and the poster hasn't been here in months.
    Charlie's link in another thread brought you here, right?

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    I will never spend real money on the game, mostly because the poor game design sometimes causes me (and others judging from comments on the forums) to accidentally spend tcash where not intended. It's bad enough with tcash earned in game, but if I did an accidental barn upgrade for hundreds of purchased tcash or something I'd throw my phone through the wall. So the devs can choose to either rectify this situation through one of several proposed solutions or accept that many of us will never risk a cent on the game.

    That said, I earn at least ~50 tcash a day in game anyway (I'm L90, starting in Oct. 2019 BTW). Videos are a good albeit very irregular source of tcash, as are achievements. A more stable source of tcash is buying jewelry from the dealer (when not buying ore) and selling it to the mafia guy. Pearl necklaces and earrings built in the jewelry store also count towards this, as the amount of silver required for them compares favorably with purchased jewelry.

    On the spending side, I never speed up things as trivial as manufactured items or construction. I'm always aiming for permanent effects with spent tcash. This includes expanding the # of boxes in each factory, but mostly on adding slots to the market. Every extra slot purchased for 20 tcash is a permanent expansion of your market that makes it that much easier to rapidly send off trains and planes, finish off helicopter orders and help friends. Accelerating and amplifying all those activities brings a plethora of benefits that help you expand and grow faster. (At last count I had 212 market slots, but it looks like I'll want to get up to at least ~500-600 slots to have a good chance of finding what I need at any given time. More if they keep being irritating and adding more items to an already bloated game.)

    EDIT: Another good albeit irregular source of tcash is from helping people as much as possible, and thus getting lots of plays in the House of Luck. I get maybe ~60 tokens/day from helping, which gives me a dozen plays which results in 2-3 tcash prizes on a typical day. (I won 12 and 20 tcash back to back the other day.)
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    Wow! Didn't know about that handy trick!!! Thanks sooo very much!!!😊

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    IKR!?😂 I think Autocorrect has a weird love hate relationship/crush w/Me!😂

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    I have been playing going on 2yrs & level 108 ..I have Played with & without TCash. I love seeing the piggy bank tho! I've never Not seen video/ads every single day @ least 1 or 2 times a day... I have noticed a few "tricks" per say that might help someone else & I don't mind sharing (I have been in "debates" b4 & if you don't get it I'm sorry!l) So Here Goes: If you don't have any or just rarely getting helicopter orders... Check out the pending orders & Mr Ad Player Will be huddled In the the ad!! Then take note on the pace the orders are rolling in! Anytime it slows down check to see if you have another ad to watch!... You also have the option to delete orders & see what orders you can or don't want to fill. I delete orders I don't want to fill (if it's for something I'm Needing for train or plane or task or takes long time & they will come back with a different order! Need HOL clovers? Go to the Find Friends Tab and like those towns and they'll be showing up in your Help! Que, I Agree with the boxes at market and shelves and boxes for factories! No push to expand barn and CBs, and the ever elusive zoo enclosures! No barn can get that big! Lol😂. Update the factories, Trains and Islands as much as possible!!! Selling back decorations is another way to earn quick coins! Seasonal or everyday trees etc. Don't expect full price tho! And don't sell special things that you can't buy back if you want to keep it. Right now I'm a multimillionaire in coins! TCASH...not even close!! I use the extra time to work on my town to change things up. I'm sure there's many more! However I'm stopping here as it's late in my real town.. G'night & Sweet Dreams To All!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnimusXDX View Post
    I buy tcash sometimes (when it's like $1.99 for 130 I guess), as I like to support the developers. However I think that it's totally doable to play without spending real money.
    - watch ads
    - send full planes
    - help people, so you often play in the HoL
    - mine to assemble collections.
    Agree, watch ads and also they do offer now sending ingots or jewelry orders for town cash " helicopter" , and WIN ON EVENT

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    I just realized from other posts that video ads don't apply for everyone! I didn't know that! I wish I could be more helpful than that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cathy Russell View Post
    Level 97. My tip is never, ever buy Tcash using real money. I simply watch the video ads hourly which provides me with a steady supply of Tcash. To ensure you get the video ads never, ever spend real money. The moment you buy Tcash the video ads will be gone. It will take up to three months for the video ads to return on an hourly basis, so I repeat, never, ever buy Tcash with real money!
    I agree 100% as this has also been my experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BKNBLK13 View Post
    I've never Not seen video/ads every single day @ least 1 or 2 times a day...
    Playrix only has two ways to make money ... sell t-cash to BUYERS or give WATCHERS a lot of ads to watch so they get the ad revenue. If the algorithm has identified you as a WATCHER, you must NEVER buy anything, otherwise you will immediately become a BUYER (and they'd certainly rather get real cash from anyone who will give it) and it will take a long time before you earn back your WATCHER status. Don't be confused by the occasional ad that even BUYERS encounter, WATCHERS are consistently offered up to 5 ads to watch PER HOUR, every day. Usually, 2 of those ads will pay you 1 t-cash and the others as much as 1000 coins, so WATCHERS checking in on their town 5 times a day can easily collect 10+ t-cash and 10,000+ coins per day from watching ads.

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