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    I hate the zoo. Simply put we need the zoo to be a SIMPLE concept with streamline gaming. I am constantly getting cards and I have no idea what they mean. And regardless of how many i collect it appears to be starting at -0-! It needs to be more fun and creative decorative features for it. And, if it wont change can we please just opt out. When i get a prize i want something i will use and not 5 cards that i have no understanding of. Please fix
    Hi QueenCC. When you get an animal card it goes into the book in the bottom right hand corner of your zoo. When you get the first card for a new animal family you become eligible to build its enclosure. The enclosures use bricks, slabs and glass the same as community buildings in your town. You need to collect 30 cards each for the adult animals, 15 for the first baby, and 10 for the second. When you have all the cards for an animal you can give it a name and move it to its enclosure. Hope this helps

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