As the title implies, since the zoo was introduced I’d work on it for a short time then give up. With the introduction of the redesign I figured I would give the zoo another go.

There are some aspects I do like such as specific land clearing materials has been elimated, we now use the same tools we use for our town. I don’t mind the cards per say, but as so many others have mentioned, the quantities are off the rails ridiculous. For example, I just filled a request for 9 potatoes, once that request was filled another for 9 potatoes pops up. Seriously!!!? And then there is the request for 9 honeycomb, fill that and yes, another 9 shows up. As many items as we have available in game, why do the same requests keep popping up? Perhaps if there was more variation requests the quantities would be a little less painful to fill.

For now, my zoo once again will stay on the back burner until these quantities/variations change.