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Thread: Saving multiple town design layouts/blueprints to switch between

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    Saving multiple town design layouts/blueprints to switch between

    Hi there,
    I live for these style sim town games and frequently spend too much time getting particular about how I layout my towns.
    I often find myself sitting around swapping where I have houses, changing set ups for the seasons, redesigning the roads etc when I open up extra expansions, and so on.

    I was really hoping to see if it were at all possible to save/switch between multiple layout versions of our town?

    Example: save my town layout as "layout1" open a new town layout saved as "layout2" to start working on a redesign.

    That way, if I haven't finished my redesign, I can revert to layout1 to complete tasks, find inspiration etc without losing all my progress on layout2. Or, say I redesign my town in layout2, but decide after playing it for a bit, it is not working for me and I want to revert back to layout1, the option to swap it back to layout1 without having to do a full rebuild would be amazing!!

    Understand that there would obviously be limitations to this, but even if we could have 2or3 different layouts/blueprints we could swap between that would be amazing

    Thank you so much for the effort that goes into this game, it's so much fun

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    I'm the same. I get quite obsessive about keeping the mine and foundry away from agriculture, where “poor” and “rich” housing should go, not having tall buildings block smaller ones' view etc, so I think this is a great idea.

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