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Thread: Game not connecting to Facebook account.

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    Game not connecting to Facebook account.

    I'm playing the PC version which I downloaded from Windows Store and its suddenly stop connecting to my Facebook. I tried uninstalling it then reinstalling to see if that worked and now its saying Download Pending ?

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    Good news have now got my issues resolved and back up and running. Yah.

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    I am having the same problem. How did you get it resolved?

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    I don't know it just suddenly started working fine again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnboy412000 View Post
    I don't know it just suddenly started working fine again.
    I had the same issue briefly yesterday - I noticed all my friends were suddenly tan and FB was disconnected, but I got an error message from the FB site when I tried to reconnect. So I think it was their problem, not Township's. It didn't last long, and I was able to reconnect after a few minutes, anyway.

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    Facebook and Instagram were both down for a period of time yesterday - outage was nationwide.
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    Hello, I usually play the windows phone version on my windows phone and since the "Facebook problem I am unable to connect. It says ''vous vous êtes précédemment connecté avec un compte Facebook, voulez vous continuer/confirmer la connection? Whatever I say yes (continuer) or no (annuler) it doesn't work...

    So I downloaded the game on my computer but it not as easy as playing with my phone. I can't ask support for help because I can't connect. What can I do?
    Thanks for your answer

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