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Thread: game wont ask friends for lives

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    game wont ask friends for lives

    I have been tring to get help for gardenscapes,for weeks now getting tired of not being able to play.when asking for lives from friends the game will go to ask friends when i ask the second box wont pop up with friends names on it nothing pops up and no lives cant play please help i have done all the steps clearing cookies resetting the game nothing helps cant get more help from forum or surpport what can i do now !!!

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    I am having the very same problem. Admin please solve this so we can continue to play

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    Same problem.

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    Same problem, whether I'm in Facebook Gameroom or playing on Facebook itself.

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    Я прошу у друзей через фейсбук.пишет ошибка. И удалила игру. Выходила из фейсбука. И чистила кэш. Ничего не помогает

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    I have been playing for about a month...PC version from the Microsoft store. I am connected to Facebook, but whenever I try to ask for lives or send them, the window says I have already asked/sent my limit today, BUT I have never been able to send or receive lives. I have uninstalled, restarted my laptop and reinstalled, but not helping. Suggestions???

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    I thought it was just me!! I thought it was sending the lives request, but I never get any from friends and I used to get lots of them, now I get zero.

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    When I click either send lives or ask for lives the game just goes right back to austin walking around. Like I never clicked at all

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