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Thread: How often does the dealer offer massive discounts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuddz View Post
    when I got to the middle levels
    Hmm what do you define as 'middle levels'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuddz View Post
    ...DD... I really must learn to check the dates, I read the posts and because it’s in the New Posts lists I never think to check :rolleyes
    nah, we are here in the Discussion forum, and if you want to contribute, it's absolutely OK, no reason to be annoyed with yourself. I mainly say it to save you from disappointment about getting no reply.

    and Thanks for answering the new question!

    BTW, do you use the blue "view first unread", when arriving in a thread? it helps, when I accidentally open the thread instead of the last post(s).

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