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Thread: 13.02 Love Story Contest!

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    13.02 Love Story Contest!

    Hey, Townshippers!

    Romance is in the air – and in your towns if you guys look closer 💕

    Find any couple of townresidents who are in love, attach their screenshot and write a short love story about them 💑

    Five bestsellers will be given 270 T-cash shortly!

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    This is Mork & Mindy, it seems they were destined to be together as both their parents had the love of a certain TV show & named their children respectively *g*.

    They met in nursery at the age of 3 & have only had eyes for each other ever since. Mork is an only child & Mindy has a little sister 7yrs younger than her named Hope.

    Their families were very close often holidaying together.Tragedy struck our lovers at a young age when at 16 while on holiday both of their parents died in a boating accident. Fortunately Mindys sister was with Mork & Mindy at the hotel playing in the pool.

    They married soon after in the Township Wedding Hall with Hope as bridesmaid. Today at the age of 23 they are still devoted young lovers. Mindys young sister still lives with them & they have done everything to make a happy family home for her.

    In the picture you see of them above Mindy has just told Mork they are expecting their first child. The joy & tenderness he feels for his wife at this news is evident for all to see.

    As mayor of Downton I look forward to seeing what the future holds for our young lovers .

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    Screenshot 2019-02-13 22.49.49.png

    ❤️ COCO LOCO ❤️


    Talpa was not looking for love when she clambered onto the precarious stool at the paradise bar. She had won a wonderful holiday to a banana republic in a competition in her favourite township game and was just looking to escape the heat of the sun for a while. She ordered a tequila Mockingbird cocktail and soaked up the humidity.

    “What's brown and hairy and wears sunglasses? “ Talpa spun around and saw that she had be joined by tall dark stranger.

    “Would that be a coconut on holiday?” she suggested

    “mmm” the stranger replied “ you really crack me up, let me buy you a piña cola”

    Tentatively she took a sip, it was delicious! and so was the stranger!

    Beneath the palms they talked long into the night and danced as the sun rose over the sand.

    All you need for happiness is love and coconuts.
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    They said they were too young. That their attraction showed immaturity. A hot dog's love of ketchup ended as childhood waned and so their parents thought this love would also fade with time.

    But they didn't believe that, their bond was too strong to be overcome by tradition, by an outdated sense of propriety. And so they persisted.

    Hot Dog's parents tried to arrange a better match, perhaps a doctor, a lawyer, someone of means. They even suggested a military person like that well decorated Colonel Mustard. However, Mustard just couldn't cut it with Hot Dog.

    Oh, they had their ups and downs. Here we see Ketchup chasing Hot Dog to apologize for some slight as lovers often do.

    Eventually love won out and they wed. They were last seen walking in the park, pushing a stroller carrying twin Vienna Sausages, spitting albeit miniature images of Hot Dog. Now proud grandparents, their families finally accepted that young love can endure.

    Happy Valentine's Day
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    Screenshot 2019-02-14 13.34.52.png
    "Oh Charlie - I just don't know..... when you said 'lets have a special valentines picture taken' I kind of thought you'd pick a romantic setting - like a boat on the canal, or a special restaurant...... I'm not sure that those cartoon bodies really suit us......."
    As children, Charlie and Mildred had lived next door to each other and been friends for ever, and had gone everywhere together with their families. As the years passed their friendship changed to love and they had always known that they would spend their lives together. But Mildred still craved a 'bit of romance'.
    He thought the cartoon pictures would be a laugh, but soon realised his mistake when she sounded so disappointed.
    Then he took her to one side and said "Mildred..... do you remember when we were children and went to the fairground? We had our pictures taken there with the clown cutouts? We had such fun that day. That was when I knew that I wanted to stay with you forever. And that is why on this special valentines day, I wanted to do the same thing. Please say you'll be mine forever.....?
    Screenshot 2019-02-14 13.28.59.png
    Of course she said yes!
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    Photo Collage_20190213_214816785__01__01__01.jpg

    Did I hear someone asking for a story? *G*
    So here we go....
    Do you see the young man and the young woman in the upper right corner of the pic? Ok, they're not really in love with each other They're the main actors in Stevie Chillyburgs new movie project. The movie tells the story of Jim & Sarah. Everyone in Summerville knows this story. It's one of Summerville's most famous legends.

    Legends of Summerville - the story of Jim & Sarah
    It was a long long time ago. Sarah was a young woman. Her parents died from a disease and so her uncle, the Admiral, became her guardian. He wasn't a nice guy, selfish, malicious and moody. The only thing he was really interested in was money. And one thing he was absolutely not interested in, was being responsible for a young woman. Because of that he was very happy, when he could arrange a deal with a rich trader, who was searching for a wife. The trader lived miles away on a small island and when the admiral returned from his journey he told Sarah:"I found a husband for you. You are going to marry. Tomorrow we will depart with the ship."

    The days on the ship were not comfortable, but nevertheless Sarah hoped that the journey would never end. She didn't wanted to marry someone she doesn't love or doesn't even know. Most of the time she stood at the ship's rail watching the horizon. One day suddenly a young man stood beside her, doing nothing but watching the horizon. After a while Sarah asked: "What are you doing there?" And the young man answered:"I'm trying to find out what YOU are doing here every day." That made Sarah smile and they talk for a while. The young man's name was Jim. He was a sailor on borad of the ship. From that day they met at the rail every morning to talk for a while. And from day to day the affection between both grew bigger. The Admiral noticed what was going on and he feared that his deal with the trader could be endangered. He arrested Jim, saying he had stolen a precious clock. At their arrival he would be handed over to the police. Sarah was horrified. She knew Jim had not stolen anything. The next night she couldn't sleep and went to the ship's rail where they used to met. Watching the black water, she remembered a story her mother used to tell her when she was a little girl. It was about mermaids that fulfill whishes when given a sparkling thing. The only sparkling thing she owned, was a necklace her parants gifted to her. Her heart was attached to it, but in fact she had no other idea, she took her necklace, let it slide through her fingers into the water and whispered: "Please save Jim." After a while Sarah saw a small point of light deep in the water, growing bigger and bigger. And before she knew what was going on, a mermaid broke through the surface. The mermaid began to speak and her voice sounded like a summer rain when she said: "Dear Sarah, we don't need your necklace. Your whish was pure and selfless and that' the most outshining thing of all. Don't be afraid. Everything will be ok." She handed back the necklace and vanished.
    The next morning a storm came up. The ship was thrown back and forth and finally crashed on a rock. Sarah got unconscious and as she woke up again she was laying on a beach. All of the crew were there and alive, including Jim. The only one who was never seen again was the admiral. Some of the crew had sworn they saw how he was swallow up by a seemonster. The beach belonged to an island called Summerville. Only a view natives lived there. Sarah and Jim were enchanted by this beautiful place and so they decided to stay in Summerville. They got married, had a lot of children and a very happy life.
    Many people swear, that you can still see a shadow of the sunken ship near Summervilles waterfall today. And some even swear that they saw the seemonster

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    Nessie lived in his Loch Ness for such a long time and was getting very bored and so lonely! Scaring tourists was not enough for being satisfied. Then, one day, he looked into the sun and a white cloud came down to him. A beautiful white creature slipped on the water nearby. He was so amazed he had to roar. Not so good, the swan prefered to fly away. Poor Nessie. Alone again.
    But Nessie decided to stop living in his pond and startet to search for the swan. Some time passed.
    He came to Nixham and there was his lovely adored swan. So he stayed. Fortunately he can roar as loud as possible, this swan will stay!

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    BREAKING NEWS! crew proves the existence of the Loch Ness Monster! "We were in the area following reports of a strange saucer-shaped object upsetting local sheep" said one of the men. "We never did see any UFOs and believe that to have been a hoax, but imagine our delight when Nessie surfaced beside us and even stayed a while to gaze at the local Fruit Bridge, which does bear a striking resemblance to Nessie herself. I guess it must be love!".


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    Quote Originally Posted by NixNix View Post
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    Lol & it looks like Nessie is cheating on the swan with a fruit bridge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Downton View Post
    Lol & it looks like Nessie is cheating on the swan with a fruit bridge
    Her lust for inanimate objects knows no bounds. I'm sure there's a name for that, but I'm not gonna lower the tone by googling it

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