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    Video man

    I have been what level does the video man start appearing in the helis. Please help me answer.
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    I don't think there is a level. I have been told it is random, some people get it and others don't. This may have changed in the past year or 2 though.
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    Mesa az
    It has been hit or miss for me I am high level 50's

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    I'm pretty sure I recall he was there every hour with three videos when I started playing level 1. As I leveled up I started getting more videos every hour (I think around 60 I started getting 4 videos and maybe around 80 I started getting 5) videos. I have never paid for t-cash. Only once did he stop coming every hour... I had accumulated about $500 T-cash and had not spent any of it in a long time. I read that may affect the video man so I spent $200 on decorations and boom!! He started coming regularly again.

    If you had him but don't have him anymore it may be because you purchased cash (it can take up to 30 days for him to come back if you purchased t-cash) or it may be because you accidentally dumped the video man when you thought you were dumping a helicopter order. I've done that before and it took 24 hours for him to return.
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    Mesa az
    I hardly see him now most time videos don't work lost the t bucks and or coins

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    And some players never get him while others get him every hour. There are a lot a lot of theories as to how the video guy works, Playrix has always maintained it's random. Some say if you buy tcash he will disappear while others contend that has not been their experience.
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    I also have a problem with the videos not working. Support has been working on it with me. The vids starting with a black/grey background and 3 dots cause me the most problems. Tech help had me delete the game (I’m on an iPad) and then re-download and install it. That may have helped. I also have all of the Apple updates installed and have tried freeing up RAM. (I REALLY like getting the T-cash!)

    This week I watch for a dark blue arrow in the upper left corner. If I see that, I tap on the upper right corner in hopes “Close” appears. I usually get a pop-up asking if I want to quit the ad, that I won’t get my reward. So far, when I’ve exited I’ve still gotten my t-cash reward.

    I didn’t keep track exactly how much t-cash I missed, up it’s easily over $75.

    Right now, I’m not back to getting 4 vids/hr yet. I think going to tech support slowed or stopped my ads so they could look into the problem. Hopefully it neatly fixed!


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    One time a friend told me she had stopped getting "video man" ...she had been getting him consistently for years.

    I suggested she delete her chopper orders, every few hours, several times per day....for a week...and see if they came back.

    They did. everyone knows...what works for one person might not work for another.

    Good luck and cheers!
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    I used to get the video guy regularly. About a month or so ago, I accidentally deleted that chopper and he went away for a few days. Overjoyed when he came back; as I was about to throw in the towel playing. When he did come back it was less frequent then before. For regetta this week, I had to use real money for T-cash and he has been gone ever since. Seems pretty uncool ! Why is that if someone uses real money, they take a chance of making T-Cash away with the video guy?

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    Mine went away over a week ago and not back yet, terrible playing without the help of that bit of T Cash!

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