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    I think it would be awesome if one of the following changes could happen. My co-op and I have discussed this so many times and decided it was time we put it out there.

    It would be fabulous if we could upgrade our plane like we upgrade trains and islands. If not able just getting a coupon for half off timer on planes would be awesome. 6 hours is a long time and most have most all goods. So having the option and opportunity to upgrade it with ingots would be more favorable.

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    This is a great idea!! Was this submitted to the support site?
    Would also love to be able to get half the product back if your plane takes off before you complete. I lost a ton of product buy 2 seconds. I went to load my final product and the plane took off was very frustrating especially for those of us who do sleep at night haha

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    Yes, thats exactly what I keep saying. I wonder why they havent made that possible yet

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