For someone who likes more control, getting random zoo cards for a number of animals in differing enclosures was very annoying, very frustrating. Who am I kidding not likes more; but needs or has to have more control . I would like some way to specify which animal(s) or animal group(s) you want to work on collecting. Maybe use some kind of check box sytem. I did not like that I collected animals for two enclosures, which had yet to be built. The reminder pins were important but just as annoying.

My frustration has ended since my zoo is now complete, but my teammates are just as frustrated with this randomized system. I am thankful that my zoo was mostly completed before the zoo renovations. On a side note, more of my teammates who had stopped working on their zoos due to cost seem to be at least working them again. The are also appreciative of not having to use ore to buy animals.