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Thread: Participating in Regatta Choice

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    Participating in Regatta Choice

    Can someone tell me what happened to the Participating in Regatta choice, and what happens if you uncheck Participating in Seasonal Regatta?
    Can members not choose to opt out of the regular regatta anymore? Thank you so much for responding.

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    There are two types of regattas:
    - seasonal, a season consists of 4 weeks of racing, and each season has a theme. This is what is referred to as 'regular regatta'
    - interseasonal, a week break between seasons, where you don't compete with others, there is no race, but work with your co-op to achieve co-op goals and personal goals

    Everyone can take part in the interseasonal regatta, regardless of their racing status. The racing status is important only for seasonal races, where you are paired with other co-ops with the same number of racing members.
    That is why the "Participate in Regatta" choice was changed to "Take Part in Seasonal Regatta", since the seasonal races are the only ones that matters if someone is opted in/out.
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    Hi dreadnaught, my reply didn't post, so I'll try it again. I understand the two types of Regattas. I'm looking for what the status is for the regular Regatta when the Participating in the Seasonal Regatta box is checked and unchecked.
    When checked, is the status the same for both regular and seasonal: one is participating in both?
    When unchecked, is the status of both, not participating?

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    Hi Barb - 'regular' regatta is the seasonal regatta. The button you describe is for that.

    The off-week is known as Inter-seasonal, meaning 'between seasons'. So the button for participation in seasonal regatta is what you check to opt into regular/seasonal racing. Interseasonal isn't a race, and you can do tasks towards coop and personal goals during that week, or not, regardless of your seasonal/regular regatta setting says.

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    Of course. Thanks, Bessville. Harried bodies make for harried minds. Rushing too and fro; accomplishing little.

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