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    Email user id

    Hello Homescapes,

    I love the game. I do not do facebook, therefore I cannot save my progress across devices. Can you add an option to sync progress based on email id setup?


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    Didn't realize this game didn't come with that option! Would be good to have since [insert name of town-building and farming game also made by Playrix and has a forum on the same platform here] has it
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    Hi there! Thank you for this suggestion! It'll be forwarded to the devs

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    PLEASE find a way to save our progress for people without facebook

    I have never used facebook!, Nor ever would. Is very unfair to play for months, and spend money and lose everything if our hardware fails.

    Happened to me before.

    There should be another way. Even better some type of file we could store on our sin card.

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