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Thread: In-game Translator

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    In-game Translator

    My CoOp lists English as the primary language, but we also have folks who speak other languages. Currently, I use Google Translate to communicate, but it is difficult. This game is amazing for bringing folks together world wide. Any chance of having an in-game translator to make communication easier?

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    I asked Township that and they said they couldn’t. I’m using google translate on my phone while playing the game on my tablet. I takes a lot of time and I don’t even know if I’m translating right half the time lol

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    Too bad they’ve said they can’t do it. My goal is to include everyone in our chats. I suppose I’ll continue using Google.

    I’ve also been concerned about translating correctly. So far, I don’t think I’ve messed up too poorly. It’s SO time consuming. Plus, I don’t have the keyboards installed for those who don’t use alpha/numeric system.

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    Maybe if enough people request it they will find a way to do it. I can only hope lol

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    Just think how many languages would have to be covered... That's probably enough work for a whole company.
    What might help, is that they would let us copy and paste from the game chat into a good translator and vice versa (which is what we do f.e. in fora like this).
    But I don't know whether not having the copy/paste-feature ingame has some serious reasons also, like avoiding harassment or the like.

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    I see your point about SO many languages.

    Yes! CopyPaste would absolutely make it easier.

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    Dang it....ONLY way to make it TRUELY Cohesive!!!

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