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Thread: In Memoriam: Ralph Carson

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    Ohh Nana, I have tears in my eyes, very well said and so true!

    Dear Ralph, to me you were always kind, very generous with your help and so helpful with all my questions, particularly during the early years playing this game. I learnt so much from you and never stopped admiring your town, wondering how you could create such beauty using exactly the same items I had, how could that be possible?

    What I remember and treasure most of all about you was your honesty. So many times you would come out and say to someone in the forum exactly what I wanted to say but never dared to, direct and fearless. For that I thank you!

    May you rest in peace Dear Ralph.
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    I just caught up with this really sad news via a notice for us all to see in Tigger's Den when I checked in this morning.

    Ralph was so proud of his Town and rightly so, when I first meandered in here and he immediately befriended me, I'd siit and look at ihis Town and dream of mine one day becoming as good as Ralph's, though it never has !!
    If I wanted guidance or inspiration in the early days of developing my Town, Ralph was the one to ask.

    So glad he's been there on my friends list and there he will stay.

    Nana......for you I want to say I am so sorry you've lost your dear friend, you were the closest to him on here and I know I'm feeling quite tearful, so you must be feeling dreadful.

    Perhaps we may one day, if the Devs would be so kind, gain a new character called Ralph.

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    Or perhaps a new statue for the Hall of Fame. 'Greatest player' maybe?

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    So very sad to see. Ralph was my very first and only Township game friend. He was patient with me as I learned the game, feeling ashamed for asking help so many times. His cute little avatar would be on my train or plane.
    I would often sneak peeks of his town and zoo and marvel at what he could create from the same objects that we all had access to. He will be sorely missed blessings and thoughts to his friends and family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyndie View Post
    Or perhaps a new statue for the Hall of Fame. 'Greatest player' maybe?
    Wouldn't that be cool? Holding his ever present iPad!!

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    I didnt have the pleasure of knowing Ralph, but i saw some of his posts here on the forum and from reading all the touching tributes left, i think that Playrix should remember Ralph in town somehow too. It seems very fitting.
    R.I.P. Ralph

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    Thank you, Nana, for posting this thread. I have passed this sad news to the team and we are all devastated. Ralph made a significant contribution to the beta-testing of Township and was respected by all of us. It is terrible to lose players and friends like this. Our thoughts are with Ralph's family and friends.

    To Nana: Your post about the real miracles moved Kuen, Liza, Anton and the rest of the team. Such messages make us reconsider our mission and look at what we do from a different perspective. Thank you from the whole team, and I guess we'll all need some time to get our thoughts together.

    Dear Townshippers, forumers and friends - please, stay safe.

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    You and all the Team are most welcome, Anastasia. After all, our paths have also intersected all of yours over the years and will continue to as long as we continue playing Township.

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    I had already read many posts on the forum from Ralph which has greatly helped me in the game. I could get into his GG coop after my request and become one of his bevy of beauties. My only problem as a Dutch person was that my English was very bad but you all help me a lot with that. Ralph, I'm so pleased to meet you in the coop and all the advice and help with the trains and planes.

    When I visit your city I look now with a smiles and sadness to your roses fields. Your last greeting to all your friends.
    I will miss you

    Nana my thoughts are also to you with this sad loss

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    I remember being a newbie myself here trying to get to know everyone on the forum, and Ralph was in that first wave. I remember those times when Ralph’s comments made me upset, overwhelmed and feel challenged at the same time, which ultimately made me a better person and professional. I remember reading Ralph’s posts very carefully each time trying to absorb all his feedback as he was a very wise man, never afraid of speaking out. Ralph was a great person with a brilliant mind, and now that he is gone it feels like a huge part of the era is as well.

    You will be missed my friend.

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