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Thread: 08.02 Valentine's Day Decorations!

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    Did you get your unicorn yet? Happy to exchange one if still wanted

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    Hi, Everyone!!

    I would love to trade the Peacocks in Love! My town is Serenity Falls and my code is 2ALMEV (SWAP IS NOW COMPLETE! Thanks, Harvestville!!)
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    Township: Serenity Falls
    Town Code: 2ALMEV
    Township Level: 131
    Co-Op: Puffin Party
    Co-Op Tag: #PUFZZV

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    Please see picture attached
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    Clover Competitors, #CCRXHF
    Lvl 112, Animals 196

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    Zenfrodo, are you still interested in the kitties?
    Town name: Tigerlily Falls Level 139
    Co-Op name: Tigerlily Shoppes
    Friend code: 9D9EUF

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    No I haven't got one yet would love to trade

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharon Manning Aldrich View Post
    No I haven't got one yet would love to trade
    Let’s do it! Just tried your code and it said incorrect? Mine is AL7SJ6

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    Ok I sent you a friend request

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    Have sent your unicorn!

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    Thanks sent yours also
    Unicorn complete

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    Don't forget guys, if you want to address someone directly, do use Reply With Quote so we can all follow who is talking to whom. And please edit your original request posts so everyone knows you already got what you wanted.


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