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Thread: How similar are these figures?

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    How similar are these figures?

    Hey I finally got to unlock the last decoration in the treasure hunt chest. It reminded me of something.

    If the screenshots are attached successfully take a look and let me know how similar you think the Fishdom decoration and the racist figure are.
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    Darn. The attachment won't open.

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    Okay - they opened on the desktop. I agree with you. The decoration is offensive.

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    Thanks. Wanted to hear it from someone else just to be sure. I sent the Prada pix to Fishdom thru the game. No response yet.

    I also plan to send both pix to Amazon as I get the Fishdom game from them.

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    Hi guys! I'm so sorry to hear that you feel this way I've already passed your feedback onto the rest of our team so that they could take a closer look at this matter. Thanks!

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