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Thread: Good old days!

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    Good old days!

    Fishdom was so much easier when I first started to play it. I used to get ads to watch all day for diamonds. There were no Unique Fish and vouchers or Fishy Bank. The aquariums didn't require so many beauty points to complete them that they became overcrowded. And the the games didn't seem that difficult. If I did have a problem beating a level, I'd play it a few times and then it seemed as though Fishdom felt sorry for me and gave me an easier version so that I could win and move on. Not anymore. Gone are the Good Old Days. Everything is so much harder and often frustrating. Many levels are so difficult they wipe out all my weapons, diamonds, and lives trying to beat them. A victory can often take days. Granted, Fishdom has added some new features to the game which I like, but they too are usually very difficult to achieve. Many players have asked for certain aspects of the game to be changed like being able to save unlimited lives. So far very few, if any, requests have been taken seriously and implemented. It's fun to beat a level on the 1st try or actually win a couple of games in a row. Being able to open a Treasure Chest is so gratifying. Why does it all have to be so difficult now?

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    I agree with everything you wrote and only the Fishdom team at Playrix knows. A mystery. I spent most of the game time I had this past wknd playing a different game and I wasn't trying to get past obstacles put in my path by the developers. Nice change of pace.

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