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Thread: Interviews with the Team

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    Interviews with the Team

    Hey, guys!

    We've collected all interviews with our team here. So if you missed out on a story or want to see it again — welcome! 💥🌹

    An asTOWNishing interview with our Senior Project Manager Oksana Dielieu includes some exciting spoilers!
    Township's very own Ernie has decided to pay our team a visit at the office!
    Ever wondered how your favorite game was made? Watch this video to discover all behind-the-scenes secrets!
    Want to find out what games the devs played when they were kids and which Township characters they'd like to be friends with? Watch this bonus video!
    Another chance to learn more about the Township team! Watch our new video to find out who localizes the game into different languages.
    A short video telling you how our artists create adorable illustrations. Enjoy it on our official YouTube channel!

    And stay tuned for more!

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    Oh, it's so kind of you. I almost missed all of them, but you gathered them at the same place

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    Hi I was told that an update would be coming that would fix the problems with the profile pictures from Facebook but nothing has come. Do you know when that will be?

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    Hi Nikki, this forum is not monitored by the Playrix staff, so they probably won't see it.
    You could try sending a pm here, or sending your question through the support in your game.

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