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Thread: Delete button for zoo orders

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    Yes, please! I'll have one of those handy Delete buttons for zoo orders

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    I really only do the zoo for the regatta. It used to be a really good task but no longer. The waiting time kills it. What I do is get 8 orders on the board and fill half of each, filling the other half when I have the task, so have the 8 orders completed of the 11 orders I need for the task. Then I go and do neglected housework whilst waiting for the other orders to come in. House a lot cleaner !!!! I would support a delete button but it aint gonna happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJay View Post
    I also don't find Anna Petrova's post rude, but then I'm not trying to express myself in a language that isn't my own.
    I'm not sure what you mean, I am not aware of what first languages the posters of the comments are.

    I do find it frustrating, and a poor example of customer service, that Playrix won't, through any of their representatives, give an explanation about why they won't be able to add a delete button in the near future,...
    Without a doubt frustrating

    puzzling and extremely annoying that they say they have reduced the number of goods needed to complete orders when they clearly haven't
    Yep agree, or the reductions have been negligible.

    and slightly patronising that they should suggest that players buy items or request them from co-op members.
    TBF it was only a few weeks or so ago another regular forum member suggested for me to use the dealer when I mentioned sending empty planes off. I of course do this already with orders I want to do, but knew they were just trying to be helpful. In fact I see using the dealer & getting help from co-op & friends being regularly recommended to newer players by forum members.
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    hi Anna,

    I just noticed this thread scrolled to page 2 of the Wishlist subforum, so I thought it might have been easy to overlook that there were reactions to your post re the wish for a Delete-button for zoo orders, which are waiting for an answer by you, pls

    As an example, I'm quoting my own, which is asking
    • WHEN it will be possible for you to add the Delete-button for zoo orders - hopefully this year? first half maybe?
    • and WHEN the already announced reduction of zoo request amounts will be introduced?

    maybe both together? That would be nice and a consolation.

    Thanks in advance.

    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    Each time I read a new post in this thread, I'd like to quote it, and reply with "yes, exactly!" - they are all so fitting and applicable.

    What is definitely not OK now IMO, too, is that you didn't reply further, Anna - I'm still asking, Anna, when will it finally be "possible" to add that button that you obviously "forgot" at first?
    Your colleagues' first answer wasn't convincing, sorry, nor is the silence since then.
    Are you really trying to sit it out??

    I don't do any orders in my zoo anymore, since EACH one asks for at least one nine'r amount now.
    I rarely help friends with those, and it's an absolute exception, as I still find it bold - frech, unverschämt, is the word in German, just to be sure you translate it correctly - and I mean by Playrix. They have NOT decreased them.
    Although telling us they did.
    I don't need to type the word for it, I think.
    It's disappointing, and unnecessarily so.

    And I delete zoo tasks in regatta since the change. Are you kidding me.

    so, can we please have a delete button to dump zoo orders we feel are unreasonable to complete.

    Maybe some fun might return to playing the zoo then... despite the changes you made to it by killing the zoo shops so totally. Or at least it would not stay a permanent source of anger.

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    And please an extra button with “SKIP ALL ZOO ORDERS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE” so the zoo doesn’t look like a comic album anymore.

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    I shut my zoo when the change happened. No shops = No zoo! I do not fill zoo order requests and will not be doing any zoo regatta tasks. If Playrix made the change to earn more money from me they have failed big time.

    For everyone else I do support the addition of a DELETE button to get rid of those pesky and outrageous zoo order requests.

    For me I would like to have the functioning shops reinstated. Until this happens my zoo is SHUT.
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    Since this thread was started three months ago, couldn't one say the nearer future is now?
    So I would like to sign in and ask the developers again to please please install a delete button for zoo orders. Further I would like to ask for removing the bubbles above the zoo guests and animals. We don't have and don't need them at the helicopter orders, so why here?
    I would also wish to get the zoo shops back. They were a very good source for earning coins. The animal cards needn't have to removed, but they could be rewards after selling a specific amount of goods in the shops, like it was before. My impression after playing township with the new zoo the last months is that several friends abandoned the game or don't play as regularly than before. In my opinion, the game has become a little bit boring after this update, since it has become harder to earn enough coins for building all these expensive factories, community buildings etc.
    I also find the game is more imbalanced now. I have 29 animals, waiting for their new home, but no complete family. But I have the permission to build all left enclosures. Well first I really was distressed about this option, because I thought I should build them as fast as possible. Now I don't mind anymore, since I know this isn' t possible and necessary, but for newer players it could be a source of stress. So dear developers, please reconsider some aspects of the new zoo and listen to the many players who have mentioned their concerns here. Thank you!
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    Forgot to add: I refuse to make the new zoo tasks, lasting way too long, the hot product tasks were much more interesting, funny, profitable...and filling zoo requests doesn't really interest me, since the earnings are often poor. Most of the times I would earn more money selling directly from the barn

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    Very nicely put Monaco . I recently just finished my last enclosure and it was tough! Now is the time I am starting to really miss the use of the shops, and I really miss the old regatta tasks. Like you unless it was in a mystery task last season, I just won't do the new ones.

    I really tried to stay positive about the new zoo, and for the most part succeeded. The last couple of enclosures really tested me, and I can't help but think without the changes I would still have things to complete in my zoo. Fe. getting the last shop and upgrading all of them, still regularly visiting my zoo as well for the regatta. Now as it stands my zoo is finished, nothing left to work on which is a real shame.

    ETA I know of some players who initially welcomed the changes to the new zoo, but after a little while felt overwhelmed by the quantities of materials requested to finish the enclosures as they progressed. They have no more interest in it now than they did before. A lot of players that I have spoken with miss a good zoo regatta task as well.
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    Yes downton, it's the same with me, in the beginning I was curious about the new zoo, found it easier to build new enclosers, than I began to wait "ages" for the last animal. The zoo shop is a farce and when all enclosures will be at least finished ( I have 16 to be stacked) there will be nothing more to do in the zoo inspite of filling ridiculous zoo orders. Uninteresting. With the old zoo it was the opposite, in the beginning I didn't really like it, but the longer I played the more I enjoyed it. Especially the shops, and I also liked the slow progress.

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