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Thread: 05.02 Lunar New Year Contest

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    05.02 Lunar New Year Contest

    Hey everyone!

    On Lunar New Year Piggy opened the door to see the fireworks in the sky! 🎆
    How many were there?

    7 keen-eyed luckies will get 300 T-cash shortly.

    Happy holidays, guys! 🎉

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    Happy Lunar New Year!

    I see 15 fireworks
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    Happy Lunar New year to everyone! I see 15 fireworks.
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    I count 15!
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    After watching over and over, I think it is 15.
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    Yeah okay..15, lol
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    I saw 15. (Do afterimages count?)

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    Wow, that's difficult. I watched the scene many times now and I could recognise 15 fireworks.

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    I think there are 15 fireworks in the sky!
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    I counted 15 fireworks:
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