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Thread: ANY HELP for someone stuck on 273

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    ANY HELP for someone stuck on 273

    I have tried and tried, so has my husband lol and we can't seem to get past 273 gardenscapes. Please anyone can you share with me the secret to this level😢

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    The problem with asking about a certain level is that most players do not remember what that particularevel looks like. If you know how to screenshot and add a pic to the question it might help.

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    This is exactly my problem Babigirl!! I have played it at least 50 times and have used boosters as well as not. I can NOT pass it! There is a video on YouTube if you go to gardenscapes, level 273. It makes it look easy, but when I have tried it since, I have gotten no where. For the other members, the goal is 12 butterflies and the field is rntirely made up of stones. The butterflies only appear in four columns at the bottom, separated by walls.

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    I reached Level 3726 and it is absolutly impossible to give any secret advices because there are any. I am sure that every level got more than one way to be solved.
    In some levels especially when butterflies are involved it is more important to get many bombs. in others it is necessary to eliminate stones more at the bottom of the board that the following stones could build combinations for more possibilities. this could be the right strategy special when dealing with stones of gras. For ice i think the best way is to empty the ice boxes as fast as possible to get rid of the ice cubes later on. If the board is seperated in different zones it could be a good idea to concentrate to the last field so that all the stones pass through all that areas
    A lot of times the magicians helps by increasing the rounds. the dog training helps me to increase coins that could been spent for some extra rounds. I only take that extras when there are only one two moves more to go to finish the level.

    I am waiting for next levels now and i spent maybe 20 Euro just for donation. the game works without spendig a single Cent.
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