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Thread: 04.02 The Lantern Festival Event Guide

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    I haven't even managed one roof yet how do you move not even got past the tutorial yet.

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    Touch the pig and slide your finger, and a grey arc or arrow thingy should appear (during tutorial this starts off red and turns green once you’re in the right place).
    Once it’s pointing where you want piggy to land, let go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashdust View Post
    ...I could get my 7 year old to play, she is a natural. Didn't need a tutorial or anything. She is trying to show me, but is getting bored as I'm such a slow learner.
    ROFL. well, no age restriction in the Play store, and nothing in the Help or so about not being allowed to let someone else play your game. It *might* be they didn't think of this solution for easier gameplay (which they usually try to avoid, yep), but atm, it looks very much "allowed". ;-D

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    Remember, you don’t LOSE what you’ve earned if you fall! You won’t get the bonus 2x at the end, but you still get your envelopes and points!

    I see at the end of a run, in the bottom, something about BONUS earned, I think. When I look, mine says 0. Does anyone know what this is or how to get the bonus?

    On some jumps, it takes me nearly a minute to set the trajectory line. If there are envelopes, I use them as my starting guide. They usually arc higher than I’ve been doing, but that trajectory works. I DO like that there are several trajectories that work for each landing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chloeland View Post

    I see at the end of a run, in the bottom, something about BONUS earned, I think. When I look, mine says 0. Does anyone know what this is or how to get the bonus? ...
    I think you do get the bonus - look earlier It counts down from 50 (pts) to zero at the end of the round/run, and says ''bonus for beating the level".

    ETA: Also, I must click first to continue (Android), so I can even watch it - not for you?
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    I'm all right for the most part, jumping level or jumping up. It's when I have to jump down that I have trouble judging the trajectory. Only gotten to the end a couple of times, but I'm pressing on.

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    I’m thinking this roof jumping is horrible! Cannot get the trajectory even close w/out the binoculars..speaking of those, where are they..I had a pair pop up once. Found it cheaper and less stressful to purchase the decorations I wanted. Praying this does not become a regular event..I will be sitting this and any future roof jumping out..dislike it a lot!

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    Almost finished and still loving it! I have managed to jump right over lower buildings and land on the next building twice—the first time accidentally and the second one intentionally lol!

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    Follow the curve of the arc down with your eye, and release when the imaginary endpoint is over the roof.

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    I like lantern game but don't like it has taken over regatta tasks, especially when not all my co-op is playing the game & i can't make enough & am not paying 4 rockets.

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