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Thread: "Best friends" at the top of the list

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    "Best friends" at the top of the list

    Hello. I have more than 70 friends in the game. I don’t communicate with most of them, only exchange help.
    However, there are some friends to whom I want to send gifts (balloons) and to assist first of all.
    One such friend has a very low level. And every time I have to scroll through all 70 friends to send him a gift.

    I propose to enter the category "best friends", which will be displayed at the beginning of the list of friends

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    how to define best friends?

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    Maybe this could be a designation we set ourselves? For example we could all be allowed to select a certain number of friends to appear first? Some sort of way to sort your friends list has certainly been asked for a few times in the past.

    To be fair Squirrie, I have over 600 friends, wait until you have that many.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashdust View Post
    Maybe this could be a designation we set ourselves? ...
    Probably it cannot be done otherwise. "Best" is always very subjective. And my assumption is that keeping such data for millions...let's say LOTs of players could be a problem for their servers. We'll see...

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    Quote Originally Posted by morrowindxie View Post
    how to define best friends?
    I think the player should choose them himself

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    Johnalex Zarco
    Good idea, though I don't know if that would be easy to implement. If it were to be considered by the admins, I imagine it wouldn't be introduced until the next big update or 2

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    For example, I send daily gifts to players who have a low level. Scrolling each time to the end of the list is very inconvenient.

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