I swore I would never spend money to play an online game. But I have spent several days' pay on this one! And I haven't even had it that long! I have just a few thoughts: I would like to see the amount of diamonds needed to continue with a level to decrease. I would like to be able to purchase or select a previously purchased bomb while working on a level. Not just before I even start it. I want to be able to rename my fish after purchase. And I want to be able to move them from tank to tank. I haven't unlocked more than the second tank because I'm not selling my fish and I'm not starting over without them. I don't like the limit on how many fish in a tank. Maybe a way to earn a larger tank? And I would love to be able to communicate with the fish. Even if it were just canned responses I think that would be awesome. I was able to beat all of the Christmas levels and it would have been nice to get a free Christmas trinket or fish or better yet a bucket of bells! I want all of the Christmas objects and fish but I won't earn enough bells before it's over. Especially since I spent 300 on 1 fish! Hopefully on the last day you'll have a 50% off clearance sale! Just a few ideas. Love, love the game but I'm going to have to stop spending so much money to play.