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Thread: Christmas decorations

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    Christmas decorations

    Everyone's talking about the game graphics but no one has said anything about the Christmas decorations inside the tanks. Mine are all pixelated and black after the update! Am I the only one with this issue?

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    Mine seem ok - you might need to contact them through your game.

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    Yes same issue for me, even in storage they are messed up. You can't even tell what the decorations are. The pole with snowflake is just a black blob. It looks like it's only Christmas decorations.

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    Me, too. Running game on Android devices. Only Christmas decorations are goofy.

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    Has anyone solved this issue. Normally I don't keep Holiday decor out but Russia was the perfect tank for Christmas and I want to leave it but it's really messed up. Any solutions?

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    Hi mine are ok I play on a kindle. Anyone with problems like this should contact tech support through the game.

    Think of this forum as one being read now and then by Playrix customer service. Tech issues really need to be reported directly thru the game (from the settings "wheel" you will see it as an option).

    They may ask for a screenshot.

    I don't remember if any of you said if you reloaded the game tech support can help you with that too.

    Hope this gets resolved for all of you!

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    Hi guys! If you're still experiencing this issue please contact our Customer Support Team by following these steps. Our agents will help you solve it in no time!

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    Having same issue. I contacted tech support and they told me to delete my game and reinstall that I wouldn't loose anything. I'm not an IT professional but even I know this not to be true. I would loose everything and be set back to the beginning. I've done it with other games just to start over. I think we might be out of luck on this one.

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