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Thread: Has level 174 changed?

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    Has level 174 changed?

    I’ve been trying to beat level 174 for a week and nothing works. The cookies are getting in the way at every turn and those suds!!

    Anyway, all the online tutorials show a completely different level than I see at 174. I only recently, within the last few weeks, downloaded this game. Has anyone beat 174 recently?

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    The easiest way would be to post a screenshot of the level, so we can see which one is it, it's not that easy to remember all levels by their number

    And yes, sometimes levels change, new elements are introduced, the goals are adjusted, etc. If you find a completely different level, it might happen that the levels are shifted a little, so try searching for 2-3 levels before and after the one you were looking for (in your case, 172, 173, 175, 176).
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    Nimm 2 Leuchtende Kugel miteinander explodieren, das zerstört den Schaum und du hast die Zeit für die Keckse

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    I too am stuck and frustrated with level 174. The cookies block me at every other move then the bleeping suds grow.

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