I am in the same boat with Township. I was labeled a cheater (WHICH I AM NOT) and have been trying to resolve that issue. But I submit the claim through the support website and get the same canned e-mail back that Regina Strickland-West mentioned above.

I then reply to that e-mail with more details and, a day or so later, I get the following e-mail back (as Cwaite also indicated) telling me to submit the claim again:

"Hi there!

We would like to inform you that this email support address is no longer monitored. We apologize for the inconvenience. To contact us, please submit a new request directly from the game:
1. Go to the Help and support section in the settings of the game.
2. Proceed to any article in any section.
3. Tap the No button in the lower-right corner and then tap Contact Us.
4. Choose a category that matches your problem, describe the situation and tap Send.

If you can't open the game, please submit your request on our web support portal:

Clicking on that link takes me right back to the page where I submitted the claim in the first place. I've been through this loop three times now and it's getting pretty frustrating. I just want a human being to talk to me, tell me how I supposedly cheated, and fix the problem when they see that I have not cheated in any way!