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Thread: Filling zoo tasks for regatta

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    Filling zoo tasks for regatta

    I am doing the zoo task, & I filled someones zoo order, but didnt get a point for it.

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    Filling other mayor's zoo request DO NOT count. Only yours count, kinda not worth doing zoo task...
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    Thx for the reply. Wish I would've known that beforehand ugh😠

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    This zoo task really sucks. Fill a request, wait 2 and a half hours for the next one. Good grief! I've been on this task since yesterday morning! I will NOT be doing this again and neither will my team. This is worse than the surprise silk task.

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    I am almost finished with zoo task here is a little hint I be doing next time, save up feeing like clovers they you can get done fast
    Use dealer and helps

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    I saved up but still went on and on....

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    Seriously... stack your eight orders, fill one basket in each, prep the other baskets while you’re doing whatever other tasks.

    Start your zoo task, complete eight orders, go to bed.

    Wake up, complete other three orders, task done.

    Better than trains, better than planes, better than islands...

    Maybe in the morning you only have two of the three remaining orders, but that’s okay. It’s still only a couple hours wait.

    I mean, everyone likes/dislikes different tasks, and that’s okay. I hate feed animals, which overall seems pretty popular...

    The above is just my personal view.

    Last night I took an Olivia isle task before going to bed. Sent my boats on their merry way.
    Woke up this morning, sent my boats off again.

    Gotta wait another six hours before I can send the last two to complete the task. Way longer than zoo, and much more expensive to speed.

    On the other hand, a normal grape task... 12 at the dock waiting. Start task, collect, send ships, go bed, wake up, collect grapes, job done. Much more similar to zoo task, maybe a little quicker than zoo depending how long you sleep for.
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    Nevada, a Fisherman's task is quicker. You just need 8 ships to send so 4 before going to be and the other 4 at breakfast. Done!

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    Thanks Nevada. I used your analysis and some other comments so come up with the germ of a strategy for my co-op. The following is something I posted on our group FB page.

    Now that we've had a little more experience with the Zoo Order Task (fill 11 orders for 135 points) and there's been more discussion on the Township Forum, I think I have a team strategy that might work. Please help me refine this.

    It seems to be a great "overnight" task or at least a task that you can take and forget for about 9 hours. And some have shown that it is a better task than planes (5 planes = 4 gaps = 20 hours without t-cash) or the seasonal island tasks which cannot be prepared for (no ship full of olives or coconuts or whatever sitting at the dock already).

    If you have 8 orders sitting, which takes up to 24 hours of prep time, you can start the task before going to bed (or work), fill the orders, and go do other things. After 9 hours, the last 3 orders have arrived and you can complete the task. It seems that many of our team did that this last regatta.

    Unless you are actively trying to build up the zoo (I'm not), the zoo orders do not provide a very good return on the cost / effort for all the goods needed. But it is good for the regatta.

    So if everyone let their zoo order board fill up to 8 orders, we would each have a nice "long term task" ready to start for the next race. The Zoo Task did show up a lot last race so there should be plenty to go around.

    During the preparation phase, you could fill 1 of the baskets in each order or simply save up enough to fill the order in your barn if you have enough space. You could also ask for help on the other basket for a teammate to fill (up to 3 requests for help per day). Just be careful to not acknowledge (tap) the help until you are ready to do the task as a completed order automatically finishes and clears for you and you don't want that happening without you getting regatta task credit.

    Two things makes this a little easier with the latest update. 1) they fixed the "timer reset" so the 3 hour countdown does not get incorrectly reset anymore. 2) they lowered the number of items needed for an order so you shouldn't see any more requests for 9 rolls of rubber

    Let me know what you think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    2) they lowered the number of items needed for an order so you shouldn't see any more requests for 9 rolls of rubber
    What made you think that? not rubber, but 9 anytime.

    (strategy description is good, IMO. Not going to take the task nonetheless)

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