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Thread: Valentine Update [Graphics Issue]

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    I agree if some are having issues it needs to be looked into.

    However, having very bad vision without my glasses, and using an iPad Pro 12.9 as well, I don’t see any fuzziness at all. In fact, my graphics are brighter and improved. Seems like some didn’t get that benefit or there was a glitch in the update, which is definitely worth looking into for those that aren’t having the same experience I am.

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    Hi Albert and all,

    it's not a device issue at all. The rest of the graphics is perfectly sharp (as it always used to be) - I mean the things around the board like in-game boosters, objectives and menus. But the board, pieces and bombs are blurry. I guess the strain comes from the fact that the brain is trying to focus the sight but it can't since the things you're looking at are blurry and out of focus.

    I wanted to share a screenshot but when I took it and viewed it on the computer, it looked much more OK on the large screen. Maybe that's how the change passed the QA process :-) Anyway, on an iPhone 6 it looks terrible.

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    Yep, understood.
    Seems that the dev people have an issue to sort out, an issue that seems to be affecting only a minority group, or so it seems.

    Hope they can do something........

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    Please change back the game pieces

    The current update changed the game pieces to puffy. They look ridiculous. The former pieces were well defined with details that made the game look good. Now they look puffy, no good details, and frankly like its intended audience is 8 years old.

    I love playing Fishdom and hope you will see that the visuals are very important to the enjoyment.

    Thank you!

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    I'll also report it from within the game so it got some attention.

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    I registered to say the same thing. The new design looks so terrible, I don't even want to play anymore.

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    Game board icons

    I would go back to the game board icons (shells,turtles,starfish, etc.) before today’s update. The colours were bolder and the images were sharper. With this new update I think they look more like puffy stickers or overcooked noodles. Gives it a bit more of a baby look. Any chance of changing it back?
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    New Update design

    Looks horrible

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    Don't like new graphics

    I do not like your new graphics update. It looks childish. I like the original. I wish you would make some realistic looking aquariums, fish, game graphics. Love Fishdom otherwise. Great game.

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    Did the watch ads to earn gems option get removed with the update? It has been several days now and it is still not showing up as an option on my game.

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