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    Factory boxes

    On occasion and usually when time is of the essence, I have loaded ingredients into a box at one of my factories only to cuss because I've inadvertently dragged up the wrong item. This mistake could make the difference in you being able to complete a task before its time runs out, which, if it does, not only annoys you but also let's your friends down, especially when taking part in regattas.
    Would it be possible to alter the game so that you could either swap the box contents or (at your loss) dump the contents.

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    I'm pretty sure this has been brought up and listed as a not possible. But you can speed up the production with tcash to finish it instantly, or use the 30% off production time booster to hurry up the process.

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    That's correct. It tops the list of Ideas Which Cannot Be Implemented, found here.

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    Thanks Bessville. Have to get the grey matter active and come up with a new idea but I'll remember to look in the "cant be dones" first.

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