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Thread: Event Warnings

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    Event Warnings

    So, the color splash event ended. And I’m EXTREMELY irritated that I didn’t know about it, because if I did, I would’ve bought the final reward deco beforehand. But I didn’t. And I’m mad.

    So, what was the point of this rant? Well, it’d be nice to have a little warning before the event ends in game, maybe even a warning sign over the event center saying “Ending Soon!” or something

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    Hey Jammy so not that I don’t agree with you nor that I’ve never been in your shoes before but there is a counter within the event center counting down how many days, hour, minutes, etc. that you have left in the event. I know it’s frustrating being caught unawares but maybe take it as a learning opportunity to be more vigilant with the clock. After loosing out on one reward in particular that I wanted quite badly I now set a reminder on my phone for the day before the event ends, that way if it looks uncertain if I will finish on time I can purchase the deco I want. Just a suggestion, sorry but hopefully the next time we have an ice fishing event it will return for you.

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