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Thread: More Expansions, Pavement Options

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    More Expansions, Pavement Options

    I really want/need more expansion area on land AND SEA!!! Also, why do they have to not only increase the amount of supplies to a ridiculous # of each, but then also add time. It takes me almost 3 days to complete a land expansion and 1 day for the zoo! Too long. Why would I buy more decor if I have no decent place to put it?!?!? I like my town to be as realistic as possible, layout-wise. I don't want to stack my houses together in a corner!
    It would also be awesome if they had more pavement options!! It is annoying to plop a comm bldg or factory on something that is way off shade or doesn't match anything!

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    New land expansions for town and zoo are added with certain updates, and the idea to Expand editable area of sea/ocean was already ruled out by the devs (see full list here).
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