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Thread: Random Q’s: coins, co-op, zoo

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    Thanks so much for sharing you guys!
    Yes, I have been using the Academy, though I think I wasted my first few upgrades on less important things. Almost have -20% time for train 1, though!

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    Johnalex Zarco
    Quote Originally Posted by Anne1225 View Post
    Thank you Johnalex! That’s exactly the sort of feedback I was hoping for
    I am level 37, so not super low level but I haven’t been playing long (just a month) and think I got there pretty quickly. I feel like my town has some catching up to do... I need to expand my land, open up the second island and get the buildings built!
    I think I’m in a good co-op for the time being because myself and a few others help each other a lot and participate in regattas but many of the members also don’t, which seems to be okay with everyone and keeps it low pressure.
    Im glad you found my input useful
    Note that as you level up, it becomes harder to reach the next level each time. I've been level 61 since late last year and I am a few thousand points away still from making it to 62. And it took me 3 years to do that! Level 37 is good for someone who has been playing a month.

    I have been in the same co-op since I opened up my co-op (the only co-op I've ever been in) at level 19. It is very relaxed on the regattas, which helps with leveling up and playing the way you want to.

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    Building the zoo

    UOTE=Anne1225;1375617]What earns more coins? Helicopter or helping co-op members?
    Is it worth ignoring regattas in order to focus on your town? To save Tcash for your town etc.? Or is it more beneficial to be “all in” with the co-op stuff. I am finding myself spending all my time, items and Tcash on helping co-op members and doing the regattas and I wonder if I am progressing more slowly as a result...

    Also, does anyone ignore their zoo? If so, does it effect other aspects of the biggest problem with growing my zoo is that you get no credit in the town as far as increasing it is almost a better option to ignore the zoo and just work on the town... sometimes I wish I would have never created the zoo and started growing it.

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