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Thread: Valentine Decorations

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    Valentine Decorations

    Christmas is over. Where are the decorations for Valentines Day? Who wants to decorate for a holiday that's over with. The week after Valentines Day we should be working on decorations for Easter. Etc. There should be decorations for different countries national holidays. A firework display for water or land. Bunting etc.
    FYI. I LOVE the different breeds of dogs townspeople are walking. I like the new zoo. There is finally a purpose and goals to work for. My zoo is expanding much more quickly now.

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    Valentines Decorations probably wonโ€™t be here until February 5th or so, at best.
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    We've had the Christmas update in December and the huge Zoo update in January. So the next one seems to be on a reasonable schedule to me, under the circumstances. Assuming it comes fairly "soon", as promised.

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    Wiki shows update 2018 Feb 2nd 2017 Jan 24.... Chinese new year starts Feb 1st...... This way every year Christmas hangs on thru the end of January.
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