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Thread: How can I get it to change my facebook picture?

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    How can I get it to change my facebook picture?

    I’d love to use my Facebook picture in the game but it will only choose one and won’t change to my current profile picture. I don’t want to use the pic it has because it’s a picture that includes my kids. I tried disconnecting FB and reconnecting but it still uses the same picture. Help

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    Hi Tracey, go to the cog wheel in your game, tap on technical problems/trouble shooting (I forget the exact words)...there's a section about Facebook and steps to follow. The best advice one of our coop members gave me, was to make sure I was logged off of Facebook everywhere in my life, on all browsers and all devices, including my PC. I took the step of deleting my game and reinstalling it. Before yu do that, back up your game and take screen shots of your Tcash, levels, etc. first. But follow the steps, they worked for many of our coop when we had the same problem. Good luck!
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