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    Rewards for players with all animals

    My zoo is finished, I have all 180 animals and don’t get any cards. However, I keep seeing posts in different TS groups on Facebook how some people with completed zoos get card decks and thus receive extra rewards.
    For example, in the current blocks event for reward 6 I got nails and gold ingots. Another player with a full zoo for same reward also got a deck of 50 double cards. Those cards got exchanged for 5 different rewards (for 10 cards each).
    I wonder why it happens, and I wish I had that too. It would’ve sweetened the pill for me after the loss of the shops

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    Hi Maria, I'm not sure if you're referring to cards as event prizes, or just in general, but there's a thread here discussing how some players are getting card packs in their event rewards and some aren't, apparently regardless of whether their zoo is complete or not.

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