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Thread: Not Happy!

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    Not Happy!

    I love this game, but one thing I found VERY annoying is losing ALL the "extras" I had when the rocket event was going on. I was winning many times in a row and the game each time was giving me three extra moves, two rainbow blasts, and a couple bombs each time.

    The rocket theme was over and then the apple lady shows up. I notice that when that happened, all of a sudden I noticed that I no longer had the extras that I had before, despite having them each time I was playing the game because I kept beating levels.

    Is this how the game operates? Once the events change despite winning many times in a row, you'll lose all the extras? Thats rather annoying! Still, I love the game and probably have spent too much money on it to get some of those bombs and rockets!

    Thanks for any info everyone!

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    The "extras" you had were not because of the Fireworks Festival, but because of the Magic Hats, or Treasure Hound events. Both these time-limited events award you extra boosters/moves while they are in progress, as long as you beat levels without losing a life.
    In order to see what events/competitions are in progress, you can go to the Events tab, and you'll find there information on current competitions/events, and how long until they're over.
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    Oh Ok.......just seems a bit unfair that if I've beaten the levels all the way through, those boosters should carry over. Little bit of a bummer, but no biggie. Thanks for getting back to me!

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    I find it even worse when you gain two hours free play from the growing of the bonsai tree and they keep you on the same level for the full 2 hours! The game is geared to make money for the greedy developers but I've found that even if you purchase rockets, bombs etc to help you beat a level, the game puts them in the worst possible place to help you. All they're interested in is making money. Shame because it is a good game.

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